Point. Order. Enjoy.

Why wait for service? Open Coconapp, scan the code and place your order. Fastest way to order food and drinks to your side without a waiter.

No more waiting

No need to hunt for service. You can place your order any time, without the need for a waiter. Spend your time enjoying a good chat with friends or watching the view while your food is prepared.

Enjoy the place

Instead of looking for service, place your order on Coconapp and enjoy the place while your food/drinks are prepared.

Personalized Menu

We will remember what you've ordered before, so you can re-order even faster!

Menu in your language

Not your native language? Coconapp will do it's best to show you the menu in your own language.

Get what you ordered

No more mistakes and mixups. By placing your order on Coconapp, both you and the venue will know exactly what you've ordered.

Save Your Time

Don't like waiting? Neither do we. Place your order on Coconapp and cut the loop in half.

Order History

What was that thing you had on your previous visit? Ah, you can just view it on your Coconapp history!

How does Coconapp work?


Scan the code

Open Coconapp and point your phone towards the Coconapp QR Code nearest to you.


Browse the Menu

Browse the menu and add anything you like to your basket.


Place Order

Confirm your basket and your order will be on its way. Enjoy the place while your food/drinks are prepared


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Contact us

Whether you're a business trying to speed up your ordering process, or a casual foodie looking for more information about Coconapp, write to us! We'd be happy to talk with you.