Serve the best ordering experience to your customers.

Increase orders by cutting costs

By providing a quick, easy and reliable way of ordering, your customers will love how quickly and precisely their orders will arrive.

Receive more orders

Make it easier for your customers to place orders and receive more repeated orders.

Decrease costs

Each order placed by Coconapp will decrease your cost-per-order and increase customer satisfaction by providing their orders quickly and precisely.

Waiter Mode

Your waiters can also take orders from your customers by using Coconapp in waiter mode which provides easy table switching and more.

Service or Pickup

Coconapp works both ways. You can have the order served to the table or you can alert the customer when their order is ready to be picked up

Personalized Menu

Provide a rich and active menu experience to your customers with pictures and explanations in their native language.

Reach to your customers

Let your customers know about your latest promotions and special items by sending periodic notifications.

Access Real Information

Coconapp reports provide you great insights to your sales, service and other real-time metrics so that you can make better decision.

Any place Any device

No installation, special hardware needed. Our web based business application works on any tablet/phone/pc, and all your data is safe and securely hosted in Microsoft Cloud.

How does Coconapp work?


Scan the code

Open Coconapp and point your phone towards the Coconapp QR Code nearest to you.


Browse the Menu

Browse the menu and add anything you like to your basket.


Place Order

Confirm your basket and your order will be on its way. Enjoy the place while your food/drinks are prepared


Pay as you go

We advocate a fair, simple and flexible pricing plan and we provide with full Coconapp features in ALL our pricing plans. Our aim is to provide the best ordering experience for you and your customers

for as low as ₺0.05 per ordered item!

No monthly fees, no anual payments!

Business app screenshots

Our business app is a responsive state of the art web application which can run on any platform and device. Using our business application you have full control over all aspects of your system.


Contact us

Whether you're a business trying to speed up your ordering process, or a casual foodie looking for more information about Coconapp, write to us! We'd be happy to talk with you.